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The HRSMS maintains a list of references of interest to the ship model builder. The list below is for the titles only. The same title can be used for multiple published works and should therefore only appear once in this list.[more...]For example, there can be several editions of the same work, and we track each edition separately. Or, there could be a book titled "The Wooden Boat", written by John Doe and also a short film titled "The Wooden Boat", produced by Jane Doe. Both of these published works would appear on the All Editions page of this website. Each would be linked to the same title in the list below. Other information included on the All Editions page [credit (John or Jane Doe), publisher, data, format, etc.] differentiate the two listings.

You can click on a title below to create a list of all works with the same title (most will not have duplicates).

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