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Logging in

How do I log in?

  1. Click on the link in the upper right that says "Log in".
    Log in link
  2. A small window will appear prompting you to enter your user name and password. Click in the boxes provided to enter your information. Then click the "Log in" button.
    Enter your username and password

What if I forgot my password?

  1. Click "Log in" (step 1 of How Do I Log In). When a small window opens, click on the link that says "I forgot my password.
    Click here to reset password
  2. Enter your username. If you've forgotten your username, you can enter your email address.
    Enter username or email
  3. A message will appear that indicates an email has been sent to your email address. That message contains a link that can be used to reset your password. Note that this message also tells you your username, in case you have forgotten it.
    Message that email was sent
  4. Click on the link in the email to verify that you want your email reset. Note that your username also appears in the link (pointed to by the red arrow), in case you already forgot it from step 3.  There is also an important note here that passwords are case-sensitive.
    Email received
  5. Enter a new password. You can use numbers in addition to upper and lower-case letters. Special characters (e.g.%,$,#,!,>)are not allowed. They used to be acceptable, but problems occurred after a software upgrade. Hopefully this can be resolved in the future.
    Enter new password

Do I need to register?

Registered users can sign up to receive updates when a page is modified.

Other than that, registered visitors currently have no additional privileges beyond those of anonymous visitors, unless they are also active or honorary members of the society. If you live in the Hampton Roads Area and are interested in membership, send a message to info at hrsms.org, or just stop in at any of our monthly meetings.

If you are a new member and have not yet registered, the webmaster can do this for you. Let him know your preferred user name and the account will be set up for you in a suspended state. You will receive an email with a confirmation link that you must follow in order to activate your account.

If you are a new member that has registered in the past, the webmaster will add your existing account to the group of active members. You do not need to register again.

Using the Website

Can I receive messages when a page is updated?

Registered users can sign up to be notified when a specific page is updated. To do so, click on the eye image Image in the upper-right corner of a page. You will receive an email when updates are made to the page.

Members Only

You must be an active member and log in before the Members-Only menu is visible.


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